This week…like last week has worn me down. and it is a short one, even.

There is no time for respite. Running to Arkansas for a quick weekend if hair bangin and Ninja Turtle’n, school deadlines on Monday and Tuesday, LTYM deadlines next week, and none of those are at the whole “last minute push” place on the clock, but I feel like I wasted this week or didn’t make any school or LTYM progress let’s put it that way. And I haven’t seen my manfriend since I left early Monday morning.

Combined with the loud smackin raccoons, the three solid days of rain (not complaining–just not productive-inducing weather) and this week is just…woof.

It’s 10 pm. I’ve yet to start packing. I must be completely ready to go when I walk out the door in the morning.

Up early to buy supplies for the family hair, supplies for work tomorrow, and to clean my kitchen, and throw stuff in a piece of luggage.

Several pieces of news coming from my/family camp. Some good. Some absolutely terrible. I’ll share it when I can.

All these things have combined tonight.

I’m worn.

sleep tight ya’ll


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