It is done.

All but waiting for the grades, which are due in a week or so.

Done. Finished. Over.

Of course, it’s not real yet. I hit the ground running today with awesome clients, a facial during my lunch hour, more clients, then dinner with my girls after work tonight. I’ve got to get started on Christmas lists, checking off what I still need, begin the wrapping, schedule time with friends, dive into the season fully.

Bills have yet to be paid for the first of the month. YIKES! I know. I’m doing that next…laundry is running, I’ve got to run to the supply store for some stuff for clients before work.

It’s busy.

Just a different kind of busy.

I’ll totally take that.

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  1. Kathy says:

    This kind of busy sounds SUPER fun!! Hopefully there will be time in the next 4 weeks for you to see some movies with us! LOVE and HUGS!! Enjoy your sun-shiney day!!

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