Sandy is kind of a bitch, eh? I was a nernous ninny all day. I’ve got people that I love there. My people in Brooklyn, Talaura, Kizz, my cousin Jerome. My people in New Jersey, Abby and Seth. My people that I have vicariously through them. I was just nervous. Weather is just…lord.

Watching the morning after, and what went down, looking in the light of day…it’s going to be a long haul to recovery for my favorite city.

I was a little sideways last night. I think it was the full moon, the storm, school, schedules and working around and inside of them, I went to bed with all of my thoughts and feelings on the outside of my skin. Crazy dreams. Unsupportive voices. Kikimama decided to try to sleep on my face. Ugh.

But this morning, I awoke to a song and some conversation and good coffee and giggles and support. It was the new version of morning coffee clatch…and it was perfect.

It totally fed my soul this morning. Because it feels so good when your people feel good for you. You know I’m totally hopped up on the happy anyways, so it just makes it even better when others get hopped up, too.

It makes me so happy to see the happy become contagious.

So, happy happy morning to you all. Today, I write. I write, I clean a bit, I run a few errands and do some banking and pay some bills. But mostly I write and I read. Then tonight, dinner and drinks with PseudoSis 1 for some desperately overdue facetime.

Cheers ya’ll!


OH. P.S.

remember that literary criticism test that gave me anxiety? Totally made an A.


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2 Responses to Contagious.

  1. Cindy says:

    This hurricane business is messing with my daily Talaura chats.

  2. Sarah says:

    Of course you aced that test. I swear, you need a cape because you for sure are
    Super Misti.

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