Heads Up

Tomorrow is Friday.

Where did this week go???

I’ve got tomorrow night, and the weekend to write two papers, finish A Handful of Dust, post homework for that, begin another novel and get ready for the week.

My home is a frathouse. There’s dishes in the sink. Shoes strewn everywhere. The ice trays are in the freezer. . . but they’re empty. I finally took out the recycle yesterday. But the trash is still full. And the load of laundry that I started on Monday is still in the washing machine.

It’s just one of those weeks.

It’s been a really good one, however. Lot’s of fun texting with Audra, making plans for a January George Strait concert and fun times. Work is good. I’ve had rest. I’m feeling better and not quite so stressed.

Next week is the wedding. So beginning Thursday night, I’m booked solid until the end of Saturday night.

Tuesday I take the GRE.

From the research that I’ve been getting from my GirlFriday’s, most applications will accept the scores of the tests into Jan. Which alleviates a lot of the stress. I’m going to just go in and take this one with minimal study time. Because I have yet to crack a book. Minimal is generous. I’ll go ahead and plan to take it again, and I have to take the Subject Test so I’ll get that scheduled too. It’ll be ok.

But damn if the weeks don’t fly by.


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2 Responses to Heads Up

  1. Cindy says:

    I made the mistake of taking the both general and subject GREs in the same day. DON’T DO THAT! After the tests I met Chris, Amy and Brian for dinner. Someone said the word “spaghetti” and I started laughing and didn’t stop for a good thirty minutes.

    All will be well.

  2. Audra says:

    Clog and slog. You are doing a great job! The old will evolve and meet up with the new and there will be balance and time again.
    I love the perk of the new job and tormenting that man. And then I love telling you about it.

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