How To Pack For A Trip

it’s 11:30.

I’m I think packed. i think.

I think I packed too much. because there is very little room to bring anything back.

I’m taking my homework with me.

I made great progress writing my abstract for the literary conference.

I had a great meeting with my lit crit professor and he helped me to narrow down the topics for my paper that is rapidly coming due.

I got to spend some time watching awesome tv with my awesome friend. It did my heart good.

My house is not going to be the cleanest when I leave, that sucks for my housesitter and for my brain. . . but there’s still time. it may get done.

also, at some point in the packing process I began to just start wearing all of the things. I sat down to watch some Friends and go over my list and noticed that I’m wearing a goodly amount of jewelry and my sunglasses.

inside my house.

at 11:30 pm.


thank God I’m going on vacation tomorrow.


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One Response to How To Pack For A Trip

  1. Cindy says:

    The real problem would have been if you hadn’t realized you had all that jewelry on and then tried to go through security. Pat. Down.

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