Did you survive?

Was it painful? Joyous? Overloaded with faces? Lonely?

Either way, it’s over.

Another day. Turn the page…

Facebook was full of wishes for a good day, statements of blessings observed, and a certain elf’s demise. Photos of gifts, of wrapping paper strewn about, of new dogs and shiny iPads and smiling faces. Shiny diamonds and newly made promises of forever love float around the atmosphere.

All of the tinsel added a little shine to a day, where there are empty hearts, missing loved ones, lonely aching for a wish to come true and it’s nice to think that the world had so much joy for a time. Lots of blessings.

We woke up here today a little drowsy, a little cranky, a little tinsel’d out.  Time to shift focus, prepare for another celebration with more fractured family trees, move forward…one car length ahead, a mile or two faster.

But before I get in the shower and clean my nephews pee off of my legs, I think I’ll sit here and watch them play in the living room floor. I’ll have another cup of coffee and watch some Band of Brothers on the tv. I’ll see Buzz Lightyear save the day…again. And I will remind myself that nothing is forever…every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.


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  1. Historiclemo says:

    Ironically, SOLSBURY HILL was playing in the background as I read this.

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