So, I got this on Friday night.

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3 Responses to So, I got this on Friday night.

  1. Audra says:

    So I am watching this video… the running man…and I’m thinking “Shiz, I would have to get a life just to talk to that phone. It’d totally be worth it.”
    So much for no one listening to you and not doing what you say.
    You can now take over the world!
    I love it!

  2. Cindy says:

    I’m gonna take so many pictures with your phone when we visit at Christmas. You’ll be all “WTF Cindy!” and I’ll just shrug my shoulders and say “enjoy”.

  3. Misti says:

    Yes! I hope we’re here at the same time!!! I haven’t even touched the camera yet. I have downloaded Hipstimatic app. Canna wait

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