Holy crap that was a week!

Last night’s wedding went long, so I didn’t get home until after 1 am. I slept right up until it was time to meet Mandrea and Ryan for breakfast. Jumped up, threw on clothes and headed out the door. She’s moving her final bits out of the house today. I went over to see her new apartment and it is SO CUTE! Tiny spaces are nice.

My brain is running amok with chores and things to do to settle THIS tiny space, return the guestroom to guestroom status. This requires another pair of hands to put the bed and mattresses in place bla bla bla. There’s laundry to be done and sheets to change and perhaps some food planning…

There’s our final Thunder game at 2:30 which determines if we move to the second round or not. I thought about going somewheres to watch but decided to just watch at home. I’m tired.

I may perhaps go out to Pseudo Sis 2’s house for some grilled burgers later. I’d like to see them and Josh’s burgers are to die for.

I think now, though, my level of productivity will be contained with watering the front yard and the back yard/garden. I shall lie on the couch, and feel blessed that my life is so full, and my house is so quiet and I shall watch the back to back episodes of Gilmore Girls that’s on tv.

Happy Sunday, ya’ll.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Sounds like the perfect Sunday. Here’s to any even better week than last.

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