Holy crapalicious I’m tired. It was a good wedding last night, we floated both kegs, gave away the entire case of wine, served lots of bottled beer, cocktails and even a round or two of shots. We got everything wrapped up by midnight and I got home around 1. It seemed like the drive home was eternal…I slept with the windows open and the fans going and seriously just got out of bed at 10am.

Coffee’s brewing, and my CBS Sunday Morning is on the dvr and I’ve got a bright sunshine filled day ahead of me. Outdoor chores today. Tomorrow is “big trash day” and I’ve got a bunch of crap to haul to the front. I bought some weed and feed as well as some stuff to patch the holes in my yard. I need to do the first mow, and get things raked and trashed. Also, a beautiful gift from Chris and Cindy…I got another garden box! They were in yesterday for a quick quick trip to pick up the last of their stuff. I inherited a new garden! I already know where it will fit, but I’ve got to dig up and move a few things…I’m ready for this season.

I wish I had a bucket of money to landscape my front yard. It’s a dream. Someday.

Today however, I’m going to recover from yesterday, drink some coffee and go outside and practice being grateful for this day and everything that’s coming.

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3 Responses to Yawn.

  1. Cindy says:

    I’m just glad we could give it to someone who we know will use it. Enjoy!

  2. QueenElizabethof CliftManor says:

    as I was glancing at this post a line jumped out at me “I bought some weed”…then I kept reading..lol

  3. Hawk says:

    I did the same thing. Read that sentence, and had to do a double-take! Ha

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