SnOVER it.

Snow. more snow. freezing below freezing temps. I’m over it. yesterday was great. everything’s closed. no one is out. Today our salon is opening late, but I don’t have anyone tredging out in this. My hot water pipes have frozen. No hotwater.

I’m a little stir crazy and feel like I need to get out. The sun is shining. I need to go get some catfood ,and perhaps milk or whatnot. I want a big fat hot pizza. and a coke zero.

I think I may just boil some water and clean myself spottily, and put on more layers and head out. Maybe go get MGirl and run errands.

I think I need a bigger space heater to set out in the garage where the frozen pipes are…
I’ve got the humidifier going in here. Every machine possible is running and chugging.

Speaking of running. Cardio,
HOLY ZOMBIEHELL My friend Trey and I watched Zombieland last night.

it was brillawesome.
brilliant. awesome. brilawesome.
have you seen it? or was I the very last person to do so? man. I love laughing that hard. I love it.

what I really would love is some not bursting hot water pipes!!!

send thawing prayers to me!

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4 Responses to SnOVER it.

  1. Kizz says:


    (WordPress won’t let me comment if I only use that one word but it’s the only word I want to say. I say it warmly, though.)

  2. Pseudo Sis1 says:

    No HOT water here either!?! It is certainly what is stressing me out the mostest! Now I just need to address my driveway situation…all of the snow piled on it. Be safe getting out!

  3. Lynn says:

    oh, look, you can live on the prairie! okok, temporarily on the frozen prairie…

  4. Chrome says:

    I liked Zombieland. I also like Adventureland.

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