Done and Done

coffee and fed the livestock
vacuumed the carpets
cleaned bathroom sink and toilet
went to weight watchers, weighed in, down one pound
went to Sam’s, loaded up on veg and fruit (and catfood)
home to unload the sams.
lunch and cleaned up kitchen and put up foodstuffs
clean sheets
swept all floors
mopped kitchen, bathroom
wood cleaner on my wood floors in my bedroom
changed out the showerhead to one that actually works.
roasted chicken and roasted vegetables and baked apple
watched Heavy.
ready to get up and move my body tomorrow

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3 Responses to Done and Done

  1. Cindy says:

    Damn Gina! Here’s to a good week!

  2. Chrome says:

    You do more in a day than I do in a month.

  3. Misti says:

    yet i never feel i’ve done enough.
    i have a sickness i think.

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