Today is the total opposite from yesterday.

Today I will do things.

Today I will leave the house.

Today I will shower and change out of my pj’s.

I want to get most of my NYC stuff gathered and in order, if not packed today. I’m not usually so goal oriented and organized when it comes to packing and travel, but I have dinner plans with PseudoSis 1 tomorrow and then a small happy hour after work on Wed for my bday and then I must get up at the crack of ass and drive myself to the airport and get past crazy security and get on board a flight by 5:45 am on Thursday.

So today…we do stuff.

Here’s hoping your week starts smoothly today.

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3 Responses to Monday

  1. Kizz says:

    While you’re doing that keep in mind that it is cold here. Cold. HATE. Cold.

  2. Kizz says:

    Oh but hot in my apartment. So hot. Oh my god hot.

  3. Cindy says:

    Have I mentioned how Chris and I plan on sneaking into your luggage? Just be aware.

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