I need some good joo-joo over here…

BlogHer’10 starts today and while I mourn the fact that I’m not there, I send love and light to my girls who are going to be face to face around 5:30 tonight…envious.

There is a crack in my ceiling. A really bad one. I met with the drywall guy and his boss today…getting that fixed and the drywall in the guest room that was spoiled by the leaking roof should be do-able. He’s going to write me up a estimate and I’m going to send that into the insurance. Cross your fingers that they fork over some more $$$ to pay for this…because my day at work STARTS at 3:30. I have 3 haircuts. My first cut and color rescheduled. It’s bleak. Scary bleak. and I’m trying to walk in faith. Stay POSITIVE and “even keeled”…

I just fell down my stairs outside into the gravel…

Thursday, meet The Proverbial Straw.

knee and hands are all bloody and janky and scraped up and I’m sitting on my couch trying to hold back tears. Hot. Mess.

So. I’m going to give myself a few minutes to come-apart. Then I’m going to go fix my face, doctor my wounds and head back to the working place with a smile and positive attitude.

but before I do that…I’d like to give Thursday one big final, BUGGER OFF.

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4 Responses to I need some good joo-joo over here…

  1. Kizz says:

    I think Thursday is trying to tell you that you’re not supposed to be there, you’re supposed to be here. What Thursday has forgotten is that YOU KNOW THIS. So it needs to STFU. ASAP. KWIM?


  2. Mrs. G. says:

    I’m impressed you just got up off the gravel. Here’s to a better tomorrow!

  3. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I’m trying to send you some good joo-joo, but you know I’ve been a little off lately. Don’t be surprised if you get a good Jew. Hey, somebody’s got to curl those payot.

  4. Cindy says:

    Cry. Just do it. Have a good crying jag and you will feel better. I want you to know that I love you. I’m sitting here in the “chill lounge” at BlogHer and I can’t believe I’m here and it’s all because of you. I walked around Central Park today. You are with me every where I go. Next year (San Diego). Next Year.

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