Summer Lovin…had me a blast!

JT turned 30 last night. Well. He actually turned 30 last weekend but we surprised him with a party at his favorite karaoke bar last night and rocked it out! Old friends. New friends. There was love in every chair. Singing gloriously off key…it was fantastic.

It was a rough rough week folks. There’s some shit bubbling around that I can’t talk about here…yet. However as with any kind of cleansing….all better after its over. Stay tuned, there’ll be more details to come.

Let’s just say, I have a peaceful easy feeling…

My roof is complete! I talked to my GC this week, and need to go pick out the color of paint I want then that will happen soon. HUZZUAHHH!!!! I’m getting excited!

This time next weekend? I’ll be floating on the Illinois River. With my tribe. Glorious relaxation…dreaming of Sedona and the future and all the change that is around the corner.


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3 Responses to Summer Lovin…had me a blast!

  1. Chris says:

    Sorry about the rough week, but glad you’re surviving it all. And yay for float trips! Don’t worry, even if things end up a bit too heavy.
    We’ll all float on. Can’t wait to hear about what changes are coming your way.

  2. I’m so lucky to have such support as yours my friend. I take it for granted, and dont tell you enough how much it means to me.
    this is me.
    telling you.

  3. Cindy says:

    Float on sista! I hear ya on the roughage. This week will be better. This week will be better. This week will be better.

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