Garden Bits

Another full day yesterday…I chopped more tree stuff down, raked more leaves…planted about eleventy million sunflower and moon flower seeds. I think that in a few months the yard will be at least…full of life.
With the compost that I got from Bonusmom, came some random bits of growth in the garden itself. One of these little bits, a punkin or squash of sorts, I transplanted into some dead space behind my “lil shed” It’s just taken right off. Hmmmm. You know what I think of Moderation…there is an entire pack of jack-o-lantern punkin seeds back there in the ground now! We’ll see! I also got two more hot pepper plants and some lettuce seeds that I put into the garden. a few of my castor bean plants are sprouting…life is coming back.

We had Co-Op dinner last night, big fat salad and cake. I made Chris and Cindy come out and see if those really are tomato plants sprouting up out of the middle of the yard…they thought so too! Crazy, eh? I may try to move them…or I may put a cage around it and let it grow!

Everybody got a big fat drink of the good fertilizer and spray-n-grow stuff too. Grow! Grow! Grow!!!

Kiki went to the doc yesterday. She got a steroid shot for her flea allergy. She’s scratched herself raw around the neck…bless her heart. I know I’ve been remiss with their flea/tick meds. It’s expensive. 50 some bucks a month for all of them! But. Well worth it. I’ll just work more…

It’s a short week, ya’ll. We have Saturday off at the salon for the Memorial Day Weekend. I’m super excited about that. I’m attending a wedding on Saturday night, but working one on Sunday afternoon. Hope to get some nice sunshine on my shoulders, attend the Paseo Arts Fest, and just be generally lazy. We’ll see how it shakes out!

I also—–have no idea what I was going to type here. Got distracted by a Sex and the City movie trailer on tv. I’ll be at the midnight movie tomorrow night watching it! Wheee!

Gert starts her job today. Pseudo Sis 1 has a second interview next week…everything’s coming up..tomato plants!

Huzzuah. Halakaleem. I love you. I love George Clooney!

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2 Responses to Garden Bits

  1. Chrome says:

    I want to grow things. I really really do.

  2. Cindy says:

    Aprilhelen is opening a juice bar in the studio down there. You should check it out while you’re there.

    I love that picture of George. It just seems so natural.

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