What to do? What to do?

I find myself with an unexpected three day weekend.

We’re in the beginnings of the throes of our springtime blizzard. Yes. Blizzard. 4 to 9 inches expected with crazy winds and drifts. GROSS. the high today is 31. Tomorrow is 35. Yesterday? yesterday it was 70.  That bigass storm that dumped gobs of snow in the Rockys has made it our way and brought crazy winds with it too…Yesterday I went to look at my book and get a handle on who would call in and cancel…lo and behold everyone already had. EVERY. ONE. No one is going to call in spur of the moment on a day like today for a hair-do, so…here I am. Bartending tonight is thus far still on. However, I feel like I probably wont make the 45 mile trek and just let the local gals handle this one. I’ll pick up my fair share this season, so I refuse to panic about the money I am not making today.

Which brings me to my point…and I do have one.

While I’m actively NOT panicking about the money I’m not making today…What shall I do? It’s nice, actually to get a real weekend. Monday will be spent in jury duty, so two days off to laze and relax and do chores is a blessing. Most of my chores, hoewever, are done. Laundry is caught up save one or two loads. I could go through the mail that has piled up and get that organized. Perhaps I will tackle the filing that needs be done in the office. Perhaps a few piddly things around the house. I am going to make some black bean turkey chili. I dunno how. I’ll make the recipe up as I go along…more on that later.

Maybe I’ll write some. Read some…I’m half way through the fifth Outlander book. Ahhhh Jamie Frasier.

It’s a strange feeling…not rushing to work. not rushing to rehearsal or a performance. not feeling like “i need to go and get that done.”  I’m going to sip my fabulous cup of coffee and be still for awhile and contemplate my day.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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2 Responses to What to do? What to do?

  1. Cindy says:

    We made Juevos Rancheros with our leftover chili from last night for breakfast this morning. It was good. I’ve reached a lull in my productivity on chores today too. Now what?

  2. Misti says:

    I made black bean turkey chili. I am so full of toots I could fly to nyc! I watched movies. napped. ate. watched more movies. so far so good…

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