And she sleeps…


That four show week worked me. For real. But we had great performances, many many thanks to all that came this week to support! I still love this show. I just do. Three more performances and then we take a final bow.

Sunday after the matinee I came home and collapsed just a bit before Chris and Cindy came over. We had an amazing meal. Fabulous conversation. Good family time while watching the Academy Awards…They left during the dance number and apparently I passed out shortly after. I woke up to the end credits and shuffled to the bed where I stayed until ELEVEN AM THIS MORNING.

Another 14 hour power nap! Whooooooweeeeeeee! It’s rainy and cloudy and there were kitties warming my feet and oh GLORY it was a day off. Love that. I’ve run my errands, and paid my plumber and had a nasty encounter with a checker at the grocery store (which I promptly called in and reported) and now I’m doing laundry and laying on the couch and making plans to resurrect my back yard in the coming weeks!

Don’t be surprised if I fall asleep again. It’s seriously a possiblilty!

Hope your Monday is fabulous…

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