I was kind of busy today, which was good. I got my bills paid online, and feel pretty decent Life-Wise…then things just went kaflooey.

I had made plans to have facetime with LT, since we are woefully remiss in that area. But when I realized I was having company this weekend…well that kind of put the halt on it. Tonight and tomorrow are my only free nights to get stuff done…so I hated to cancel that but I had to.

I came home between clients and gathered laundry. Dad is coming to see the show this weekend and I had to have clean towels etc for that visit. I could have probably pieced together a week’s worth of clothes/socks/panties/wash clothes/towels for myself but not for guests too. SO. I gathered laundry and loaded my car. I then rushed by the bookshop to pick up my copy of Crazy Love. When I made plans with LT I had forgotten about bible study on Tuesday nights. I was talking to the girls about the chapters we were reading and looking at the dvd’s on tonight and really wanted to make it. I figured if I hurried out of work by 5:45, went right to the place, loaded everything up I could feasably be there by 7pm.

yeah. That didn’t work so much. I finally just gave up the thought of making the meeting. Got my laundry done (via a visit from Factorygirl YAY!) and got home. Feels good for it to be all clean. I had no idea I owned that many pairs of undies! Weeeeee!

Got my mail, and what did I find?


Yeah, my last summons was for Federal Court. Pffffffft. March 22nd. Hopefully I won’t get picked to serve…I just don’t want to lose that week worth of clients…SO. Crossing fingers.

I’m about to get out the vaccume and put away laundry. I’m worn out from not sleeping well last night…I’m a little cranky.

Saving grace? I’m excited about the premier of Parenthood.

that is all.

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