The 2nd

Got paid yesterday. It was better than I expected. Not great, but enough to pay the mortgage with just a few pennies left over. I gathered tips and got about a hundred bucks to deposit, so there’s two bills paid. It always seems to happen. Bit by bit. Piece by piece. Glory glory glory!

Yesterday was fairly busy. Some gaps in the day, but it worked out that I connected with BonusMom and got the RFTC packets to give out. If you’re reading this, I HAVE THEM AND NEED TO GET THEM TO YOU TONIGHT OR TOMORROW!!! Contact me please and thank you and I’ll bring them by!

Got up this morning and ran some errands, I need to be picking up the house but what the hay. I’ll do that tomorrow! Or tonight. but tonight I may get to catch the opening performance of The Laramie Project. Hopefully.

What else? Send Gert some lovin’ today around 3pm. It’s Judgement Day. I know she’s freaking the hell out and needs all of our love and support and good vibes sent her way.

I’m concerned that the recycle guys drove past my house and didn’t pick up my stuff. It’s a lot out there, and because it’s bagged up it looks like trash trash, not recycle trash. And because I started the recycle program at work there is an unusual amount out there. . . and it’s still there. . . sitting in my front yard by the curb. . . waiting. Seems like they usually come early in the morning so I’m getting a sinking feeling that I have to figure out a way to get rid of this stuff my own self. gah.

that might be it from me. Good day to ya!!

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