It Begins.

October 1st.
Can you believe it? I’m happy.
This day ushers in my favorite time of year. My power months. Now, through January…I love love love it. For me, it all leads up to this. The weather, the season, the things that come along with it. Pumpkins. Football. Leaves turning. Sweatshirts. Fires. Friends. Family. Celebrations.

And with all of the stress that the holidays bring…I still love them. I really do. I’m excited about all of that this year. Firsts for me in my abode. Am having difficulty picturing where my Christmas tree is going to be. Gert will have to come help arrange the furniture for me!

So last night I went to my book club. I can’t tell you how much I really really like it! I have to say, I’m ready to finish this book and move on. We have two more meetings before we begin a new one, so I figure we’ll start talking about the title soon. I like these new people. I think we have many things in common and look forward to really forging new friendships with them. I always feel smarter after I leave. Sitting around an B&N, sippin decaf, taking notes in my composition book with a really good black pen. I feel cool. And it bothers me naught that everyone else at the table is older than me by at least 10-20 years. It doesn’t seem to bother them either.

After I left, I ran by the redhead’s house to drop off NYC things and wound up staying to watch the ep of Fringe with Kizz’s boyfriend Joshua Jackson. It began in Brooklyn so I just KNEW they were going to show the house that we walked past every day. Nope. Not in this ep. Oh well…maybe another time? who knows. Anyways, it was a fun night, good company, lots of laughing during the commercials. Fringe tells you when it will be back…60 seconds, 90 seconds, so you know there is a finite time for chit chat! We made plans to dvr the debate tomorrow and watch on Friday. Fun!

October is already busy. Race for the Cure is Saturday. For everyone reading, I am getting our packets and team shirts sometime today and tomorrow and will get them to you during the evening hours. I’ll be in touch as far as meeting place and parking!

OH MA GAH…Today show is previewing a documentary called “My Fake Baby” regarding these “reborn” babies. Bleagh. These women in Britan are caring for them as if they were real. Oh yeah, and we’ve got some of these ladies here in the States too. They are on with Matt RIGHT NOW!! There’s always someone out there that makes you feel better about YOUR life, eh?

In gearing up for tomorrow’s debate, (which I’m watching on Friday) I leave you with this article written by Eve Ensler, author of the Vagina Monologues. Step-mother to Dylan McDermott. Feminist. Woman. Voter. Her words are her own…but they most certainly ring true for many. When in doubt…research.

I tried to Hulu last season’s episodes of Life this morning. My computer just said no. Never fear, I have the first two discs on their way! And I watched Smart People, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Anyone else?

Here’s to Humpday! Here’s to October 1st. Here’s to PAYDAY! Here’s to a fresh start! Here’s to literature, and friends, and movies, and freedom to think and write and publish whatever you damned well please! Here’s to Damien Lewis. If you see him walking around, please send him to 1618 Andover Court. I’ve plugged in the wax machine. I’ve changed the sheets and vacuumed the furniture free of all cat hair.

It is humpday afterall!!

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8 Responses to It Begins.

  1. Kizz says:

    You don’t mind if I use him first, just for a few minutes, before I send him your way, do you?

    I haven’t watched that ep of Fringe yet, can’t wait! I love that they tell you when they’re coming back from commercial and it seems like there are fewer commercials, too, though that could be all in my head.

  2. Zelda says:

    Totally fine. Scratch and sniff, slurp and lick all you want. Just save enough of him for me!
    It was a good ep. I think there are fewer commercials too!!!

  3. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    I have seen him. There is a great interview on MSNBC under the Today show videos.
    Power months. That phrase excites me. I’ve put on the cauldron!
    And the monkies are at the ready…

  4. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Birthday Month, Birthday Month.
    La la la, it’s my Birthday Month.

  5. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    Yes, 14 days until mine.
    I want to write a lot of cuss words but I won’t.
    I am going to be 37 and well, that is fine. Just fine.

  6. Cindy says:

    Hey… it’s great that you said that this is your favorite time of year, because Chris and I decided today that you should have a pumpkin carving party. We’d have it our place, but our place sucks… ass… the fifth power.

  7. Zelda says:

    okiedokie! when? I’m ALL IN!!! let’s check the calendars!

  8. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Do it around Dec. 23 so that I can come, too.

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