Brand New Day!

Lookie here! Here I am! Got to sleep in a little, got some good strong coffee and it’s a brand new day. Gave back my honorary membership to the Funky Bunch and am ready to roll today.

I hated to get so excited about the show because I KNOW how difficult it will be to break back into this community after having been gone so long. I get it. But I just did get excited. The show would have been fun, but being with the cast and forming new friendships and spending time doing SOMETHING with my life…that was the real appeal. But ok. Ok. Onwards and upwards.

Thanks for the well wishes and good lucks and fuck off’s. You guys are the best!

I did get some great feedback from the directors who asked me to please come back and audition for their next shows. They specifically asked me to come audition for Forbidden Broadway. So that was nice. They didn’t have to spend any extra time giving me extra pats and they really did.

Seems like I had more to blither on about…alas…outta my head. Have a great day!

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  1. Kizz says:

    Hey, do you want to take my new show back with you? Is there a theatre co that would cast the other 2 parts and put you in their season? You could do the part standing on your head and it might insert you back into the community on your own terms. I’m pretty sure the content would be a huge hit for their audiences.

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