Thirsty Thursday


I got to work and immediately saw that I’d had two cancellations. In the middle of my first client, my second client called and cancelled.

I went to weigh in.

I gained 2 pounds.

I came back for my last client and he called and said he was sick and had to cancel.

I mean, fuck. around. This was brutal.

On the bright side (you know I always find one!) I started a recycle program at work. We throw away so many plastic water bottles and soda cans, not to mention all the cardboard from our frozen meals, you name it. So. I decided to ask if I could just go get two trash cans and a can smasher. I will be responsible in bringing the recycle to my home and putting it out the first Thursday of the month with my own. Every little bit helps, and we all have to start making choices to be better.

Speaking of better, I figured Cindy McCain to be a better public speaker than she is. Tonight, she looks fantastic but her timing and delivery are for shit. After last night’s mean spirited display I can only imagine what tonight will bring. I really thought that it was just me. That I was the one with my feelings on my shoulders taking it personally. But damnit, last night sucked. There was just a general shitty attitude and frankly, we didn’t bring that to our party and what a poor display of manners to bring it to this one. Today was filled with many conversations about the same thing. My friends and fellow bloggers felt that way as well. The Obama campaign was quick to respond with emails and posts on myspace and facebook. I have to say, it’s all I can do to NOT send five bucks every time they ask for it. Seriously. But I haven’t. I’ve already donated once and gave what I could. But still…

So tomorrow, the funeral and then theatre tomorrow night. Saturday is hopefully a busy day and then I think I’ll just hang out with friends at my house and talk and laugh. and drink. lots of that.

love and light, ya’ll.

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4 Responses to Thirsty Thursday

  1. Chris says:

    Oh, yes, there will be some drinking on Saturday.

    Funny that you mention the plastic bottle things because last week I asked my boss if I could bring in a couple of trash bins to collect soda cans and plastic bottles. Of course, because my boss is cool and all, she said sure.

  2. Kizz says:

    You guys are so cool with your home grown recycling initiatives. Yay! You damn community organizers. 🙂

  3. Zelda says:

    i feel a twist off night comin’!
    yay for us. great minds.
    maybe it’s our age. or our brilliance. but i just feel the need to be….better.

  4. Zelda says:

    HA! Community organizers!!

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