I Remember When. . .

I remember when I would get to bed by 10pm. Possibly 10:30. Since the advent of the Olympics then the subsequent political conventions it’s been 11pm or later. Which is ok, but the morning trips to the gym have become completely non-existent. Making things worse, my actual sleep is about as comfortable as as self administered wax. Tossing and turning. I have my bite guard and wear it faithfully, but it seems that the stress from the clinching and grinding has motored throughout my body. Tension is an amazing thing. And I don’t really want to take a sleep aid EVERY night. I’m not opposed to taking them at all, but an every single night thing is just not appealing to me. I do stretches at night and in the bed before I get up. Some kinds I learned from yoga some just feel good. It helps. Maybe I need to find time and $ to squeeze some yoga back into my life. I dunnno. But mornings are rough over here at Casa de Zelda.

I got word that a good friend and fellow actor here in OKC passed away yesterday. Suzanne Charney, some of you may know her, had been fighting the cancer for awhile now. She played my “Ma” in Lost In Yonkers at Carpenter Square some years back. She was a delight to work with, and even more so to play with. Her service is tomorrow and I’m going. . . then to the theatre for the opening night of their 25th year. It’s gonna be a day. I really hate going to stuff like that alone. The funeral, not so much the theatre. Some things I do well alone. Movies, eating, theatre, stuff like that I’m fine with. But funerals…another thing entirely.

Yesterday after I got off of working, I had to run out to the Frontier and unlock the extra key out of the house for the cat sitter. She’d accidentally left hers inside. Anyways, I cleared out some more of my stuff, long sleeved clothes, hoodies and sweatshirts and such. Even though we’ll be back into the 90’s by the weekend, it’s a nice taste of Fall weather here this week. Anyways I got home and came in to find something….some things…scattered under my table. Upon closer look. . . GAHGFFFFLUG!!!

a bird. actually the head of a bird surrounded quite nicely by a fan of feathers.


But the way it was laid out. . . either a sacrifice to something or a present to me. presentation was exquisite!

Going to weigh in today. Wish me lightness.

Have a good day everyone! Really. Make it something special. Smile a few more times. Crack a joke. (I wouldn’t suggest Pallin’s book of pit bull jokes however) Remember, I love ya! I also love my George. I do I do I do.

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2 Responses to I Remember When. . .

  1. Kizz says:

    “Presentation was exquisite” and that, my friend, is how you know that those cats are, in their hearts really yours.

    Happy lightness!

  2. Cindy says:

    Try taking a calcium magnesium blend of 1:2 (1000mg Ca, 2000mg Mg) before bed. It will help relax your muscles. Also, lavender oil on the feet plus socks.

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