The Cheating Gene

Did you hear about this? It was all over the morning shows today. Apparently “they” have discovered a gene in “some” men that makes them more susceptible to cheating.

The gene variant, found in one out of five men, has been linked to marital discord and divorce as well as if the man was emotionally available or more reserved and removed in a relationship. If the guy carries this gene, he is TWICE as likely to cheat.

Of course this has set off a flurry of discussion about testing and would you and should you and all kinds of moral and ethical questions.

So, whaddya think? Would you want to test your mate? When would you do so. After a month? Six months? Before you have sex? Right before you walk down the aisle? After you are married and before you have children?

My first knee jerk reaction, after having a series of jerks that have cheated, would be Hell Yes. Swab that and process immediately!!! I am not risking that much ever again.

But then. . . I don’t know. It becomes quite the sticky wicket. I guess, I would want a test for me, to find out if I have the gene that attracts cheating jerks and would it make a difference if I tested this guy, because I’d just find one that carried it.

Bottom line for me is this. Genetics are not your destiny. It just means you’re pre-disposed to this. It isn’t a get out of jail free card. It means you have to want it more and have to fight for it harder. I guess.

What the hell. I’m single and own three cats. What do I know about this shit???

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4 Responses to The Cheating Gene

  1. Kizz says:

    I feel like this gene thing is probably bullshit, don’t you? I mean, they can’t diagnose a social issue at the level of your DNA. Humans aren’t BIOLOGICALLY monogamous, we’re SOCIALLY monogamous. That being said I do think you’re right, a lot of people would just use the diagnosis as a way to justify doing it so better for them not to know and assume they’re nicely moral dudes. Also, if you can diagnose this at the genetic level shouldn’t it be diagnosable in women as well as men? I am skeptical. AS usual.

  2. Zelda says:

    I think you should be able to in women too…I think it’s interesting that it’s only been pointed toward men at this point. Like women are just automatically the ones who NEVER do it. gah. whatever. i do kind of think it’s bullshit and fully fully believe that it’s just going to be a license to go and do. Gene=sans jeans. bleagh.

  3. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    If you can’t trust your dude to be faithful to you…
    you don’t need a test to tell you he is not your dude.
    No test will ever convince me that dudes of any evolutionary existance cannot comprehend the difference… and there is a big one… between right and wrong.
    And that goes for women too.
    Its wrong to cheat.
    Its right not too.
    Black and white pretty simple. Fox Mulder did just enter Sexaholics Anonymous…
    I don’t believe in second chances on this sort of behavior. Its about the only thing I am an absolutist on when it comes to relationships.
    So the study… bullshit.

  4. Chris says:

    Does that mean being gay is a choice, too? Just asking.

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