I Can Afford Exactly None A Month

A few things tonight.

I haven’t even made mention here at the circus about the GOP ticket and subsequent announcement of their VP candidate. Gah! If I hear the word Maverick used to describe these two once more…well who knows what shall happen. If my uterus keeps feeling the way it feels today, I may give myself a hysterectomy.

yes. I just said that.

I don’t think this is a grand move, a big gesture, or even remotely any kind of breaking of the proverbial glass ceiling. I think that a woman who is so anti-choice* (i copped this phraseology from over at Spanky McSchmanky’s) in her demanding the revoking of Roe v. Wade…it makes my blood boil. Don’t try to pacify me with the “we gave you a woman on the ticket” schmaltz. Just. Don’t.

I am watching the documentary “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart a film about Wilco” tonight. It’s on loan from Nutmusic. I am loving it. all of it. If you are a fan of the band…get your hands on a copy. You won’t be sad.

I got paid today.
My check was almost 150.00 less than my mortgage that was due yesterday.
I have been saving tips the last few weeks to deposit as well.
September is hard folks. effing gee dee hard.
I will be ok. Don’t anyone start pulling their penny banks and freaking out. Don’t start taking up love offerings. This is my deal. I just need to vent here. If I need help, I will ask. I’m grown up enough to know when and how to do that now.

which segues nicely into my next point.

We’ve got some new visitors to the Circus these last six months or so. It’s been awhile since I’ve said this, and well…maybe I haven’t ever said this. Maybe I have just read your words and nodded viciously in agreement.

This blog is mine. It was my space before I had a myspace. I started out with trepidation and fear, writing only in between bottles of wine and lonely moments in the ex-house. It helped. It helps. Helps get the voices out of my head for awhile. My voices. not yours, or yours or yours. Which means you don’t have to like, or love, or even remotely agree with anything you read here. Most anytime I post, the words have been flushed out of me, without any concern for syntax or spelling. Catharsis. It has become a place for me to write about my life and those that touch me. Times that I would ordinarily not remember but for putting it down in a post. it’s become a place for me to go back and see with amazement the miles I have walked. it’s become a way for those with even the most mild of interest to keep track of my life and feel connected. It’s become a place for me to express my thoughts and feelings and emotions, some of which I would normally just swallow. I curse here. I say the word Fuck. A lot. Don’t try to edit me. I talk about boys and girls and love and hate and family and feelings and waxing my own whoo haa. Don’t change your behavior around me because of something I’ve written. I talk about my body and my issues with it. Don’t be embarrassed when in my company because of what you have read. I post pictures of pretty people. I send out love and support. I also throw down some anger. All of this…..

is mine. This crazy fucked up circus of the damned…is mine. You are all welcome to join me for a little shot of koo-koo-ka-choo. I am blessed to have you and the joy that I get from seeing that you have actually taken time out of your day to leave a comment? Well…it’s better than a construction paper valentine.

But… Read at your own risk.

That’s all I got folks. Have a great evening. I’m finishing up this movie and then reading this little mystery I started at work. HIDE by Lisa Gardner. so far so good. the thing with slow times is…lot’s of reading. What are you reading lately?

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6 Responses to I Can Afford Exactly None A Month

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I just finished Eat Pray Love and the author was on Opr yesterday, which I never see because I’m at work, so I was very happy to get to see that episode. When it was over, I promptly grabbed a new book from the stack and marched to the nail salon around the corner which was so crowded they had to do my mani before my pedi, so I had to sit real still during my pedi and not mess with hands so I didn’t start my new book.
    Love in the Time Cholera…a fav of Miss Gertrude’s, I believe. I did read a little on the train today, but my mind was busy and I had to read the same three pages twice.
    You asked.

  2. Zelda says:

    I’ve tried time and time again to get into LitToCholera. Gah. I know it would make me a better human and more perceptive to romance and John Cusack will love me and I would be more womanly and it would make me a size five if only I could get through it.
    May you have better luck than I.

  3. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    Oh, get into it. Read it. Let it get into you. Its so so so worth it.
    Waiting 50 years for love… can you imagine?
    I haven’t done Eat, Pray, Love yet but I want too.

  4. nutmusic says:

    So you digging the flick? It’s such a good movie. Hope you enjoyed it! Great seeing you this weekend! Glad we both made it out of Saturday night alive…..

  5. Kathy says:

    The more I get to know you through this blog and our far too infrequent gatherings, the more I come to adore you. As I was falling asleep last night, I thought how I couldn’t wait to get to work so I could see what Zelda thought about Palin’s speech! You make me think and you make me laugh! I barely made it through her speech. She is charming and well-spoken, but her policies are not for me and I would NOT want her to be our President when McSame dies in a couple of years. Nope. Nuh-uh. Have a wonderful day and think BIG TIPS!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nothing is private on the internet!

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