Sloth, Thy Name Is Zelda

I have done nothing today. NOT one thing. . . until about 6pm.

talk about a Labor Day! Ha!

Went to the pool with Mandrea and Seige yesterday. It was full of fun. I then ran some food up to the bar and had a drink or two with the boys and then came home. I caught a bunch of shit for my Obama shirt. Reminds me all the more clearly why these boys are just that. boys. that never do anything else with their life but sit in a bar and drink beer. who really….really…aren’t part of my life anymore. really. while that is sad, given the way my life has changed this last year, it seems ok. that isn’t my life anymore. I don’t really like it there. I don’t really enjoy them anymore. Kind of a little discovery this weekend I guess.

So anyways, today consisted of the couch and a marathon on the Travel Channel with my boyfriend Tony. We’ve recapped the entire season I believe. Right now we’re in Spain. I think it’s the last one then the recap ep tonight. I guess he quit smoking! He commented on that one a few eps ago. Huh. Good for him, though.

I guess the hurricane wasn’t as damaging as they anticipated, thank goodness. There was damage, but since we compare everything to Katrina…gah. And another one to the east coast? Damn. Crazy weather.

I almost bought a computer tonight. again. My friends told me about the refurbished ones that can be purchased online and I found one that was ok, I could get it for about a thousand bucks. (looking back at my last cart of purchases that i didn’t buy, I had also bought a printer, which was why the price was so high.) anyways…just not going to do it yet. I want to. But I just say no. Times are tight and I’m going to NYC in three weeks. It’s slooooooooow at work and well, it would just be a stupid thing to do and I’m trying not to do stupid things anymore!

Oh well. Someday.

I did make a good dinner. Inspired by Tony I suppose. Baked lime peppered talapia, roasted carrots and potatos. Yummy. That and doing some laundry is all I have accomplished on his Labor Day. I hope yours was equally non-laborious and that you’ve had a well deserved rest. Tomorrow! Brand new week! I wonder what will happen?

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