8th and Final.

I had a small stroke tonight. Jumping and screaming internally as the baby was asleep…no one here is as googlie over it as I am. . . but my girls from work were blowing up my phone and we OMG’d each other and did our USA! chant via text so it felt good!


I’m sad it’s over.

PS…Gert moved Hysteria Lane. Go check it out and save the address.

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2 Responses to 8th and Final.

  1. Kizz says:

    I felt such a sense of relief for him. I really hope that he is able to breathe and enjoy the feeling a little and stop being interviewed. The poor kid is out of sound bytes, he’s been “at a loss for words” for 3 days now, they need to leave him alone so he and Lochte can drink some beer and play some Wii.

  2. Zelda says:

    Totally in agreement. poor kid. he must be drained. beer and wii…on a tropical island somewhere is the perfect ending for he and Spinozi.

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