Not just. . . keeping faith…

This below is Billy Bragg. At South By South West. click on him and listen while you read. I tried to make it happen in the same post…alas Zelda is struck with a huge case of the dumbass…
google him.
then go buy his music.
if you have no…no idea…start with Mermaid Avenue.

so i tried to post this weeks ago…however youtube thought it best to wait. frankly. . . . this week. . . this full moon. . . another gold medal. . . another redhead recommended book. . . another trip home tomorrow. . .another beautiful revelation from a best friend. . . it fits.

it fits.

I keep faith. Not just in my fake boyfriends. Not just in George. Not just in Michael.But the one that is to come…the one that is greater than those previous. Not just in my friends who are witnesses to my life. Not just. Not just in those of us who seek solace in each other. Not just in any of that.

but just.


Just. in.

I just believe in the fact that life is good. I just believe in the fact that the world is a good place. I just believe in the fact that love…is. all. around. I just believe in the fact that stories written by Nora Ephron REALLY DO COME TRUE!!! I just believe that sometimes…you are sold a package that isn’t there. and that’s no one’s fault. . . because…B…if it was never in the hope and future that you were promised…it’s no ones bad. not yours. not JT’s. not his. . . . not mine. not yours. not ringo’s.

it is just. . .

It is just a blessing every single time we get time with each other. Maybe it’s a sis from Cali, maybe it’s a sis from Arkansas, maybe it’s a friend across the table at happy hour, maybe it’s the one you see everyday but really only get to talk to tonight. Maybe…maybe.

my point…and I do have one…in spite of all the ellipses… is this.

I keep faith.
deep and wide.
that life is good.
and friends are good
and family is irreplaceable. . .
and who describes a family?
I have made plans to travel to,cut the hair of, seen, spoken to, text, raised my hackles for, drank a shot with, planned a birthday party for, talked about a first day of school with, loved, laughed and cried with…family.
all of mine.

just today.

life is good.

i keep faith.

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