The Thunder Rolls

Joe and I went to see Thunder Rolls last night. I don’t know who hurt more after it was over. Highly inappropriate humor…exactly the kind I like! It’s an equal opportunity offender with ridiculously talented kick ass performances by the four guys as well as some surprise cameos that are sure to please! I say BAHHHHHHH and Pahooey to all the buzz from the groups who are kicking up the stink…go and see for yourself!

I may actually never get over Robert Downey Jr. He’s had a piece of me for a looooooong time now but this. . . this may very well be the kicker! heh heh heh.

Alpa Chino: Maybe I just knew I had to represent…
Kirk Lazarus: Hot damn!
Alpa Chino: …because they had one good part in there for a *black* man, and they gave it to “Crocodile Dundee”!
Kirk Lazarus: [offended] Pump your brakes kid, that man’s a national treasure.

You know what’s freakin me out lately? On the Facebook there is this place on one’s homepage that suggests people you may want to be friends with due to associations or other friends that you have the same. They pop up the pic and the name and say, “zelda, (but facebook uses real names) you may want to be friends with bla bla because you both went to USAO”

For three days in a row I’ve pulled up my Facebook page only to find this:

“Zelda, you may want to be friends with EX HUSBAND because you both went to USAO”


freakin me out. like, worse than midget*freaking out. My first reaction is can he SEE ME?????? gah.

After I got home I stayed up past midnight watching the games. Did you see all the guys FALL DOWN???? the Chinese gymnast who flew cockamamie off the rings and fell down. oy vey. that’s gonna leave a mark. My boy friend swims again tonight/today and the girls gymnasts compete as well. HALAKALEEM!!

*which by the way, Kizz, please tell that story when we come up. Mgirl and Mandrea need to hear it from your perspective!

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2 Responses to The Thunder Rolls

  1. Kizz says:

    I'm going to have to start practicing telling the story now because I have a really hard time telling it without cracking up and ruining the effect. Seriously, just thinking about telling it right now is making me giggle.

    True confession: I haven't been staying up quite as late as a lot of people to watch the ends of the gymnastics stuff so I missed all the boys going Boom. Here's the bad part, I kind of wish they'd bring back the ABC Sports Thrill of Victory & Agony of defeat so I could get a montage of the agony. So going to hell.

  2. Zelda says:

    youtube has taken the place of the agony of da feet.

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