10 AND 11.

Tenth and Eleventh career gold medal. Awe inspiring and just freakin amazing. Oh….and one of those he did without SIGHT. Good lord, if that man ever put on the Batsuit you would be visiting me in the nervous hospital.


that was me.

So I want to reiterate, Gert’s house over on Hysteria Lane is under construction. Her work IT dept is sniffing around on who and what and bla bla bla on the internet and it made her hole pucker up a little. She’s alive and fine and is hanging out over at the Corner Booth at Hudson’s. go on over and have a cold one with her there until the construction guys leave. Joe posted some might fine pics of my man yesterday too….I love it!!!

I stayed up way late watching coverage, so I’ve slept thru my gym workout. Am sippin coffee and looking at my ottoman. (I’m such a freakin grownup with an ottoman!) On it I have 1 book I just finished that left my brain a little melty, 1 book that I’m about a quarter of the way into, 1 that I haven’t read yet, this months’ Vanity Fair….have I told you all this yet? This is ringing familair. I’m in the middle of a brain melt, as previously mentioned…we’ll just tag this here. Needless to say I have a bunch of stuff to read and watch and I just got the FOURTH book in the TWILIGHT series from a friend yesterday and am itching to start that! Ha!!!

what else? more coffee. yes.

so I got a thing from the social security office yesterday. one of those printouts that shows how much you’ve paid out over your lifetime of paying….kind of cool other than this little tidbit. It’s addressed to Zelda Married Last Name. WTF????? What does that MEAN??? I legally changed back to my maiden name (ha. maiden. that cracks me up) at the divorce. It’s in the papers. Of which I have fresh copies due to the whole buying of the house bla ba dee bla. MARRIED LAST NAME??? am I still somehow CONNECTED??????

what should I do? well, probably call the SSoffice, yes. my first thought too. I dread that. The Government never makes anything easy…maybe I can change my name online? If I have to legally change my name again, I’m seriously considering the last name Ridiculous.

Ok yall….i love ya. I have a FULL day today. Chemical Ali ain’t got nuthin on Chemical Zelda. Not another perm today, but another straightener. Stinky and profitable!!!

Happy Humping Day. I’m thinking wet, golden, chlorine filled humping thoughts of this:

That’s me in the white dress…they air brushed the bejesus out of my face so you may have to squint, but I’m sure you’ll recognize me by my body. it’s exactly the same as in the pictures.

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2 Responses to 10 AND 11.

  1. Kizz says:

    THat is not you. That woman is the Undead, and not in a Spike-y delicious way. Who the hell is she?

  2. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    Looks like a Keira Knightly or some waif like sprite of a creature. I do love the dark make up.
    And who is looking at her anyway? Woof. That’s a mighty mighty good man you’ve got there Zelda.

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