There is something to be said…

about being with those of your tribe. Those that KNOW you. KNEW you WHEN!

spent the evening laughing my makeup off with joe and mandrea and the funny ha ha’s of 796 Entertainment. Tonight was….one of those moments when you KNOW you are watching someone that is on the precipice…about to explode. When we next see this fella…well it will be somewhere other than the Speakeasy.

So… good night of laughing to cap off a night of good. Had dinner with Bonusmom. It was grand. We got caught up and reconnected. We will both be in Arkansas next weekend and are looking forward to it Then went to watch comedy with joe and mandrea. good times.

My boyfriend Michael Phelps won again tonight. THREE. Geeze Louise. that man….woof.

I will leave you tonight with this…if you make your bed with fresh sheets at one a.m….is it still Clean Sheet Monday?????

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2 Responses to There is something to be said…

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    You put sheets on the bed? That’s weird.

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