Rainy Monday

Thank GOD for the rain. After weeks of 100 plus weather, this is a blessig! Another fat weekend behind me. Urinetown with the redhead on Friday was good. I enjoy spending time with him. I think he likes it too. The musical was good. Not lifechanging but good. Saturday was Mandrea’s birthday celebration. We kicked into extra high gear due to her relationship angst that was ongoing. It’s since cleared up so that’s good I suppose. We tried two new places here in the metro. Good food and drinks in the night. Then I brought us home. Mandrea went made up with her boyfriend and Mgirl went and followed her heart. I was home. With the olympics on the dvr.

Yesterday I slept in, went to a friends house and did a haircut and a perm. Then back home for a bit. Met Mgirl out for a little while to hear about the rest of her weekend. I didn’t feel a bit like drinking so I just drank water much to everyone’s chagrin. Then I bolted. I wanted to watch the olympics and not be there anymore. Got home in time to see the USA team beat the shit out of the French and everyone else in the men’s relay!!! GOLD!! times TWO!!! Michael Phelps is fucking brilliant. nuff said.

I have a few things to get done today and no clear agenda on how they will happen. Going to have an early supper with BonusMom. I haven’t had much factime with her as of late. Miss her. We’re due for catching up. I’m heading to Arkansas next weekend for school hair. Wonderboy starts the FIRST GRADE. oy vey. anyway, it’ll be a quick trip but will be fun.

This week is just working on making commission at work. I think I’m on track for a good one. Crossing fingers.

I have about 4 books to read, two of which I’ve started. This months Vanity Fair. The last four eps of Band of Brothers. More Rob Bell dvd’s to watch. My netflixed dvd’s that I haven’t even touched. and I can’t stop watching the Olympics. I’m a junkie.

I hope your Monday is good. Easy like Sunday morning. The whole week. That’s my wish for you. Huzzuah and Halakaleem! I love George Clooney. But in the spirit of the games, I leave you with this:

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