The last time we had a day with these numbers…8-8-88 Princess Beatrice was born across the pond. Today…OPENING CEREMONIES!!!!! Good lord but I’m a junkie!

Can I just say, we should have waited to do my hair until today. It was a process. I believe many hands touched it…but it’s different and more “normal” still blonde, softer not quite so IN YOUR FACE!!! There’s a little ashy tint to it, but nothing I can’t live with until we do it again right before new york. Five weeks from tomorrow! Holy Crap!!!

I’m going to see Urinetown tonight with the redhead. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks now. Gert in boarding her train to see her plus one…a.k.a. her BOYFRIEND for the weekend. My boyfriend Michael Phelps was just on the Today show, sporting some facial hair that quite frankly knocked me off my big green chair. Homina Homina Homina. He’s set to compete for 8 medals.

8-8-08. Supposed to be a big fat lucky day. I raise my cuppa coffee to you that it will be. 8 is the luckiest in Chinese numerology as well. Good fortune to everone today. What are your plans? Do you feel lucky?

Huzzuah and Happy Friday. I love everyone today!

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