The Poop hits the fan….and it was good!

Oh man oh man. Have you all read Gert’s last two posts??? Go. Now. Go and read and imagine the roller coaster she’s been on the last seventy two or so hours…oy vey. Here’s to her today, though as the Only Woman Standing. I’m raising my cuppa java to you sis!! Halakaleem!! Robert Plant music is blairing and what the hell, let’s go ahead and eat the dark chocolate candy anyway!!!

It’s been a kind of a funky week over in my world. (ps. we need a name for my house. put your thinking caps on and let’s have a contest. that probably requires a proper post and I’ll get to it later!) Had some kind of weirdness with a friend but it seems to, like teenage acne, cleared itself up. Still left with the funky feeling though.

Nothing a good paycheck can’t erase! Huzzuah for payday! I made the 65% commission, though with all of my cancellations this last week I have no idea how. My Paycheck Angel was working overtime and bless her heart for doing it. She get’s an Atta Girl! Now, tonight it all goes to bills, but I have reached the point that frankly, when I can pay everything I’m happy. My savings has dwindled down to bits and that is my next target. And the tips have been going into a drawer for the NYC trip which is looming six weeks away.

GIRLS!! SIX WEEKS AWAY!!!!! MGirl and Mandrea are jumping out of their skin with excitement. We are going to have a grand time. No large group to deal with, no crazy picky eaters who try to push their roommates to the edge of sanity, none of that!!! I need to start thinking about what shows to see….I still want to see Spring Awakening as I didn’t get it last year. I know you’ve both seen it so I won’t ask you to spend the $$ to go with me. I know Chrome wants me to see Xanadu and I’m all in for that, but here’s my deal. Isn’t Whoopie in it? Are the tickets up due to that? I’ve seen her before and don’t feel the need to pay more $ to see her again, but if they are the same price, I’m all in for it. Any other suggestions? maybe a play? I dunno. I know the other girls want to shop shop shop. H&M will never be the same.

Today I get to go back to the gym and work off last weeks gain, and lose an additional to get me back on track for NYC goal. I hate that $$ makes a difference especially when I get the “friend” discount and only have to pay 27 dollars a month!! But hey. it is what it is and there ya go.

Weekend plans anyone? I’m going to try to get some facetime with B and Scottyringo. And any of my other friends that I can manage. In the back of my head I’m also working on a USAO gathering and the beginnings of my reunion that is set to explode next year. I am a class officer and that job usually falls on officer’s shoulders, however I didn’t live here ten years ago for the first one. touring days don’t ya know. so I just sent my money and showed up for the party. However, I kind of feel like something needs to start rumbling around about this…I’m excited. Not about the number of years gone by, but about getting together. I had just the best best best time at the last one. Seriously. It was great. So I’m one of the dorks that get excited about the next one!!! Oh well. That’s me. Anyways….Sunday I think I’m going to hit the early movie with Nan and M’Lynn for the X-Files. I remember watching in Saginaw with Clemo. “non arc episodes” would just piss us off!!! (like I knew from arc or non arc. I just played along to impress everyone. and frankly, got into it too!) Then Sunday night is the first game of preseason football starring my Indianapolis Colts!!! Wahoooooo. Also on the table as a possibility is a comedy roast for one of my new friends who is moving to NYC. He works here, for our bombing memorial, and got a job there with the 9/11 memorial. He’s leaving in like…five minutes. So his comedy friends are roasting him and I may try to get there for that too….whew. I’m tired.

Re-wind….What are you going to do this weekend, kids? Happy Friday!! Halakaleem and Huzzuah and I love George Clooney!

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2 Responses to The Poop hits the fan….and it was good!

  1. Gertrude Jane Garfunkel says:

    I love you! I do! I love you! The House…what was the first song you heard in it? First movie you watched? Are you getting a male swing or a female swing from it? I will visualize and do some research on names and get back to you with some choices. But I am a firm believer that these things names themselves and if we will only listen we will hear the Who’s shouting from atop the flower.
    Face time, possible this weekend. The lure of B and Scotty Ringo and you… and I will be a PLUS ONE this weekend! Hala Ka Lem in all things. Hala Ka Lem. I love you!

  2. Zelda says:

    PLUS ONE??????? text me the meaning of that immediatly if not sooner. Does that mean what I THINK it means???? halakaleem and huzzuah!m

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