Holy shit I’m broke. I paid all bills last night, including my mortgage, not including payment on past dental work and my campaign contribution and after oh. . . about three transfers from savings. . . I have about 100 bucks till the 15th. Plus gas for a trip to the Arkansas this weekend.

Being a grown up sucks donkey balls.

Having said that…there will be a few changes made in my spending habits. Too many pedicures and speakeasy nights. Too many eating lunch out and being social on the weekends. Not enough building my business (though we did numbers for the quarter and I’m right on target. Still need to build my color numbers, but even with flex scheduling I’m doing 40 hours a week and selling products like a madwoman) need more clients and more money. I’m not going to discontinue the 40 bucks a month for w.w. or the 27 for the gym. not an option. May look into taking away the netflix and carving down the cable bill. I think it’s my social life that is costing me a fortune. I need to find a tall deliciously funny boy to hang out with so I can quit going out so much!!! Heh. That was my nudge to the Universe. Haven’t sent one online in awhile…

I also have to start saving. And by saving, I mean SAVING for my NYC trip which is coming up FAST!! I’m having a 100 bucks taken out of my check each time, and this last one paid off my 550 class and left me with 50 to take. I believe I have 5 checks before I leave so that should be sufficient.

The cats ALL need their visit to the vet. oy. I have another dental appointment (que valium) in three weeks to get a cleaning which insurance covers and my night guard for the teeth grinding which insurance somewhat covers. I still owe 200 from my last visit when my jaw was locked up tighter than a drum.

have I mentioned how being a grownup sucks giant dinosaur dong?

I feel like it should be easier, more organized and clear cut than it is. Obviously it’s clear when things are due and how much they will be but damn. This month just got away from me. Is anyone else chasing their tail? How do you stay organized? do you have methods? Budgets? I can only laugh at a budget right now because everything I make goes to something else. that’s my budget. and I got my stimulus check this week. 600 bucks sitting right here…and I want to build my fence with it in a month or so but damn. It’s go a long way towards helping…sigh.

I have decided that the only way I really want to stay being a grown up is if I get regular sex with George Clooney. And by regular I mean only on the days that end in a Y.

so be it.

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3 Responses to BrokedownPalace

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    At least you got corn to eat.

  2. Kizz says:

    Yes, chasing my tail. No, don’t have a system. I feel like, no I KNOW that I need to write down every penny that goes out of my pocket to see what the hell is going on. It’s like counting points, you know? But I’m having trouble with that and having to move money from savings and feeling like I’m bleeding money and prices are going up and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

    All of which is a fancy way of saying, yup, I feel you.

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    I recently made a big long list of things I had to have to survive.
    I am talking tampons and Advil and such.
    Then I made a list of things that I liked to have…
    and then things I really liked to have.
    So three lists if you will.
    I am now keeping track and if its not on the have to have list… I can’t have it.
    Its crazy when I am working two jobs killing myself and I still am broke.
    So I am doing what I can to trim the fat.
    The birds are freaking pissed because bird food was on the like to have list.
    I don’t feel comfortable now living month to month.
    I have so many more expenses with the house, Noodle’s medical and the DUI that I can’t really get anything put back into savings… so I just live freaked out from day to day.
    But I am trying.
    Scale it down a bit. Make a list if it helps you. Drink cheaper. You did quit smoking right? So that should be saving you money.
    We are all in this little rowboat together.

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