Monday Methday

I’m cleaning house like a meth addict. It’s just fine with me too. Getting a bunch accomplished and it feels so good!! got home from Ebb’s Cabin last night. Exhausted from my one night away with the girls. The mini-break was a huge success. I made my homemade quac and did steaks and corn on the grill for us all on Saturday night. Karen and Carolyn went to the casino that day. Caro came home with 600 dollars and Karen the Queen of Everything….??1200.00 YEP. TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! ridiculous. we all fanned it out and stuck it in our bras and took pictures!!!

So I came home last night and promptly went to bed at eight and slept till about eight this morning! got up rearing to go, did cleaning at the salon, lunch with Maegen and company, then off to spend my housewarming gift cards. Homegirl Depot gave me a weed eater. Lowes gave me some nails for the bottle tree and an extension cord and some light bulbs. Target gave me a boatload of stuff!! Very exciting.

Now, it’s time to get busy with the rest of the laundry and putting new stuff away.

hope your monday is grand and flying by!!! it’s a short week…hold on!!

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