Wonderboy is Fearless or Why I Have No Phone.

The WonderFamily has been here this weekend and it’s been LOVELY!!! They like the house, the house holds lots of people and doesn’t feel cramped. It’s all working well. We cooked out after I got off work on Saturday and celebrated Bonusmom’s birthday. Sunday we all loaded up and went over to the big pool with Maegen and Company. Wonderboy decided to just run and jump his skinnny ass into the deep end right off the bat. He lost grip of his float board and started going under. He bobbed back to the top and you saw the look on his face when he realized he couldn’t touch, and started going under again. I saw it all happen and ran from across the yard and jumped in and got him. He was panicked, I was scared shitless, it was really deep and I couldn’t touch, and he was pushing me down as I pushed him to the top of the water. I gulped in gallons and was couching and choking a little. Everyone mobilized and got to him as I pushed him to the top so he was fine. A little shook up and fine. After he got the water off his face he looked at me and said, “I’m allright!”

good. good.

Meanwhile my phone was in my pocked of the shorts I was wearing when I jumped in!!

So…My replacement phone is on it’s way and will arrive tomorrow…HOWEVER…The Brother In Law just handed the phone back to me and it’s working!!!! No now I’m on the phone with the phone insuraance people trying to cancel my phone and get my 50 dollar deposit back…which they just told me was not going to happen. So. I’ve paid fifty dollars for a refurbished phone. Man. The Universe is still testing me, and as Mandrea said, it’s those really hard essay tests not even a multiple choice!.

Oh well.

Say la vee.

My phone works. My kid isn’t brain dead. Life goes on.

The kids are going to take Wonderboy to his eye doc appointment then come get me and we’re going shopping a bit. Sams, etc. I may try to spend some of my gift cards from the housewarming. I need a new hose (dirty!) and a shovel and things like that. Tonight we’re going to Bricktown for dinner and then home. Wonderbaby has been delightful. He eats constantly. I’m not even kidding ya’ll. If that kid isn’t sucking on a bottle he’s asleep. We do like our food in this family!! Wonderboy is staying with Bonusmom on the Frontier tonight, then the Wonderfamily is heading to Granite to see MeMe for a day or two. After dinner tonight I’m going to meet up with the redhead to watch some comedy and kind of defrag from the weekend. it’s been one. I’ll tell ya that much.

How was yours?

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  1. Kizz says:

    That is some scary shit right there.

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