My GOD you people are BRILLIANT!!!

The last two posts have garnered some brilliance in the comment section. I encourage every reader…that means you…to click back, click over and cruise through.


Holy crappiedoodle.

How’d I ever get to be so lucky.

Another day closer and my mind is a titch more clear than cloudy. I feel all of it. Mostly hopeful. As far as Mr Uninterested goes…mentally pulling back from all of that. As Joe said, “if he can’t be smart enough to pluck the apple off the cart when it’s right in front of him…let him chase it down the road.” that’s a paraphrase, but you get the gist.

as far as Mr. Ridiculous goes….auditions are still open.

and Chrome…do plan on having that tasty treat for us in September my dear. I’ll practice mixing it here until then.

Huzzuah and Happy Humping Day. It’s the half way mark for most of you normals, so enjoy! and it’s been awhile, but do you remember that I still love this one?

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One Response to My GOD you people are BRILLIANT!!!

  1. Joe Banks from Cincinnati says:

    Yes, yes we are.

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