The conundrum lies here. Right here in the middle of my brain that has a death grip on a crush of a certain someone and has held on far past the freshness date. It’s obviously not reciprocated so it’s time to bless it and let it go. Look, I’m not arguing that point. I’m really not. It sucks because we talk. A Lot. Various modes of communication by the fist fulls. And we connect. In a way that is attractive to me. . . there’s the rub. Friendship has always been an attraction.

So, I have this date with this guy at the end of the week. It is my homework, to sort thru all this debris and be clear of mind and heart by the time we see each other, so as not to compare and confuse and corrupt what could be…a really great thing.

why is it all so complicated???

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6 Responses to Sorting

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Because what would you write about if it weren’t complicated?

    Uncomplicated is uninteresting….we were drama majors, remember?

    It will be fine. It will be fun.
    You are and it is everything that needs to be.

  2. ChromePlatedGirl says:


    Cheap-ass white wine mixed with Diet Sunkist is even cheaper-ass white wine.

    The Drunken Sage

  3. Joe Banks from Cincinnati says:

    If it were easy, I wouldn’t have any of my jobs.

    Besides, there’s no way to pull a ‘meet cute’ story out of anything simple. There’s always a randomness about ‘the meet’. Sometimes, desperately random, but random nonetheless. It’s the details surrounding this randomness that adds the last remaining necessity to start any fire–the spark.

    Sometimes we are piles of relationship kindling waiting for, seeking out even a mean kid trying to kill ants with a magnifying glass to add that just right bit of heat to start things up.

    Othertimes we’re just a mess of twigs, leaves and branches arranged in no particular fashion that get blown into the right stacking that catches fire by complete accident; surprising ourselves most of all.

    Where would any of any of our ‘greatest hits’ relationships rank if there wasn’t a retellable Howthisallhappened Tale attached? Face it– ‘We met, we got drunk, we wound up hooking up’ doesn’t have the same zing, unless there is that Memory Snapshot Worthy clever or charming or otherwise Couldahappenedinamovie moment while getting drunk that allows you start a new, relationship-specific vocabulary with the new object of our immediate attention. Then it’s fun.

    As far as the scary goes, I believe fear is misdiagnosed most times in relationships. We’re not so much afraid as we hopeful. Out of ‘cover your nuts’ self-protection against failure, we flip that and call it fear thus relieving ourselves of the responsibility of enjoying the ride.

    No worries in this instant situation, though. Enjoy your date. Enjoy him. Enjoy yourself. Anyone else not smart enough to pick the apple off the cart when it’s right in front of them can just run down the street later. And hope that apple’s still on the cart when they catch it.

    Don’t think, just throw.

  4. Historiclemo says:

    Be here now.

  5. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    Fantasty. Remember? Fantasty.
    I like a good crush.
    That wierd quickening feeling that makes your heart beat fast… and some strange heavy feeling on the chest… and a lightness in the head as if you could lift your arms and fly.

    Like when Phobe said “Oh, head rush” when she got up from sitting down and then she sat down again… to see if she could do it over.

    I like a good crush.

    That is some crazy good writing on Joe’s part about the catch fire, twigs and stuff…
    Holy Moly.
    And be here now… well, that is simple and brilliant and you will repeat that.
    Good job everyone!

  6. Zelda says:

    Yes, i have to say, each and every input here on this post is pulitzer qualified.

    in my book, yes indeedy.

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