A Bat Shit Crazy Town

That is Gert’s phrase for our hometown. Yep. I agree.

MGirl and myself mosied out that way last night to see her at work at the War Bar. It was a good night that started with onion burgers and coneys and ended with a lot of laughs with B and Scottyringo and J and B. Funn-knee stuff. I have very little time to go into the craziness of it all but I have to give you this one story before I get ready for work.

We’re sitting at the bar, just talking and taking it all in, all of the batshitcrazy that is a Friday night there and this girl says hi. She’s there with her husband and we’re making small talk. Did you two grow up in batshitcrazytown? No, says Mgirl. Yes, says Zelda.

What year did you graduate? she asks…fuck. and so it begins.

a million years ago.

a million?

yes. a million.

no really, when did you graduate?

MGirl pipes in with 1989 and the girl looks like she got slapped.

Huh. she says, twisting her ever so blonde hair. (not a comment on the blondes, obviously as my hair is almost see thru, just giving a description)

I don’t know anybody who graduated in 89…..(eyes light up) Oh! My step-mom graduated in 92! But my dad really loves her!

I know. right?

When she left, she apologized to Mgirl for not remembering her unusual name and was laughing and said, “no it’s different. I like it. At least it’s not something like Trashcan.”

This my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Kizz says:

    OH lord have mercy.

    Did she mean her dad loves her in spite of the fact that she’s ancient or in spite of the fact she’s from Batshit Crazy Town or in spite of the fact her step daughter is an ass?

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