Still the Same After 25 Years…

Remember awhile back when Gert said it was an I go first type of friendship she and I had? I buy a house, she buys a house. My a/c goes, her a/c goes. Well. I just kicked that theory in its ear this morning. Remember again, when she inadvertantly paid Noodle’s summer tuition twice and jacked up her account all to hell’s half acre?


I paid my fucking mortgage payment twice. The gee dee website had no place to view pending payments. and since I’m trying to save a freakin tree and pay online, and since it didn’t post when it should have and since I’m paranoid about being late on the payment, I played it again sam. Motherfucker. zero balance. So I panicked and transfered ALL of my savings into the account, after dropping five hundred in it last night. Thankfully the WellsFargo people will give the money back to my account today, and I had overdraft protection on my checking…I had no idea…but it’s on my credit card and that sucked, but when I transfered the money from savings they will credit the three hundred and some odd fees back to the credit card and when I get my second mortgage payment back into my account I can replenish my savings just a little…but then I’m still broke.

WHAT THE FUCK????????????

I kind of feel proud for having handled so much business before 7:30 in the morning, but that feeling is replaced quickly by the sheer stupidity of my money skills.

I’ve gotten so much better throughout my life at doing this, I’ve even faked myself into believing I was grown up enough to handle it. I want to have organization and computerized money stuff but I am at a loss and completly overwhelmed. So much so that I cannot even go back and correct the spelling in this post, which is like nails on a chalkboard for some of you, so all apologies there.

In brighter news, Clemos hockey team took the big shiney thing last night. atta boy Clemo!!! Atta boy.

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3 Responses to Still the Same After 25 Years…

  1. Kizz says:

    You fixed it before 7:30?!?!?! Yeah, I’d be spending the day crying an shaking before fixing it at 7:30 PM. Being a grown up is way not all it’s cracked up to be.

  2. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    Oy. I didn’t wish that for you. And I certainly don’t wish for you to be NEXT after me considering I have stepped in some really deep piles of shit lately.
    Makes you feel like a heartattack is coming doesn’t it? All the conviences of the world…banking and what not and it just seems safer to pay cash.
    Sorry honey.

  3. Historiclemo says:

    at about 1:37 seconds to go in the Third period, I’m surprised you didn’t hear me yell, “SH*T!” all the way down there. But all is well.

    Somewhere I have a picture of my nephew holding the Stanley Cup.

    Rotten kid.

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