A bigger than Big Weekend!!

Oh man. I’m finally up, and the computer finally has a new modem so we’re both ready to post.

What. a. weekend.

It goes down, officially, as one of the best ever all time in the history of weekends. Ever.

The party was a success. There were, at one time in the evening between 40-50 people in my backyard. We had a line of coolers along the fence that looked like a buffet. chocked full of the coldest beer in town. The food was great, though I got nary a nibble nor a bite, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. As is par for the course on events like this, I got to spend a little bit of time with everybody, but not a whole lot of time with anybody. It was lovely to see everyone here and smiling and having a good time. Lovely. Blessed. The a/c stuck it out and up until last night has been doing fine with my little rigging. Blessings abound.

The party broke up pretty quickly around 11 or midnight due to some funky lightening and storms that never got to us and about a handfull of us that were left decided we needed to go to the bar. Of course we did. I put on my highest white heels and we went up and I danced with Rudy and Scott and after what seemed like five minutes, but Smurf says at least two foosball games, the lights came on and back to me casa we traveled. We weren’t done until after 3:30 sometime. Everyone crashed, me in my bed, Scott I think on the futon, Dish on the loveseat and Smurf in the big chair. My house was full of men. . . . and yet it’s all still virginal. Everything. Sigh. Me and Smurf and Dish woke up and laid around for awhile. MGirl and Mandrea and I had brunch plans then SATC movie plans…alas those plans got pushed back into the afternoon.

But we did get shiney and put on heels and went downtown to the big show and kids, let me tell you this. From the moment I heard the first notes of the theme song, until the final credits rolled, my eyes just leaked. tears. Of joy and sorrow, of laughter and grief, of excitement and anticipation and of regret that it was over…tears. I will never get over it. Ever. I love the show, I love the women, I love that CITY. The clothes are out of this world fantastic. The lives are REAL and amazing and layered and hard and brilliant. The acting is just fantastic. I must see it again. I must. I’ll just never get over it.

When the lights came up, I had napkin dust all over my black dress what that I’d wadded and shredded trying to find a dry corner to soak up my moistness. sigh. again.

We walked over to Chelino’s and sat on the patio for some nachos and cold big girl drinks. That our livers didn’t immediatly put on the breaks and send us into the emergency room is, in itself, a miracle! Then back to the bar for Sunday Funday. (you know girls drink free, that’s why we go on sunday night, eh?) More laughter. So much laughter. many many photos which I will try to post. (it takes forever and wears me out but will work on it tonight, if I can find my cords.) Mgirl skedaddled, Mandrea and Seige skedaddled, I forgot I had ridden with them so Smurf and Dish brought me home. My neighbors must think something. Two guys stay, then leave in the morning, then come home again with me, then leave the next morning. Heh heh heh. At least I give off the impression of an insatiable sex kitten. Meow. anyways, we cooked some brats and had a snack and I went to bed. They assumed their positions on their couches and asleep we went.

I’ve been lazy today. Didn’t really move until about 3 when I went to work to get my check, deposited it in the bank, to get a new modem, back to work to pick up color for hair that I’m doing tonight, filled up with gas 63.00 thank you very much holy shit.

It’s been a great one. I need to clean the kitchen before she gets here for the hair. have a great night. Love you to all that came, love you to all that wanted to.

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2 Responses to A bigger than Big Weekend!!

  1. Kizz says:

    Wow. That’s perfect, every single second of it. You manifested the very best weekend for you to celebrate this milestone.


    I love you so hard.

  2. Mandrea says:

    can i just say i am so behind on reading since i left my house, but damn what a good one to start off with! brilliant!

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