Beat Down and Out

I am.
beat down.

the a/c broke again last night. Marco the Great is in fuckin Canada. QueenE, bless her, was running interference and making calls but at the end of the day, I re-rigged it myself to stay on until I turn it off at the breaker box. I’m being tested and I’m not failing this time. Not. At. All.

Today was a long one. Thursdays are 9-7. I did take some time for lunch and a pedicure instead of weighing in this week. needed new party feet. MGirl finished the final bathroom purple painting touches. Seige loaned me his mower and I did the back yard pretty much in the dark tonight. Spence loaned me his weedeater and I got that done. I am so blessed by these friends of mine.

Truly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m tired of the stressing. I’m ready for the par-tay!!! I want to see all my friends and have a cold beer. Chrome, please do not worry one single solitary bit about a gift or being on time. All I want and need is time with you when it is possible!!! Rog, thank you for your kind offer but I got the fridge covered. You are an angel!

Got some good news tonight..ExHim’s daughter, aka ExKid is ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED!!! I just burst out into tears when she called. She called her mom, dad, brother best friend and then me. How cool that I made the top five?!?!? Man. Amazing. When I met her she was all of 16 or 17. Beautiful girl. Woman. whew.

I want to comment and talk about Kizz’s post about the energy crisis but kids, I don’t have the brain space. Hopefully next week. On many things. posting pics, bla bla bla.

I’m done. I’m ready for tomorrow, having an evening with BonusMom and BonusAunt. (she took the two boys to the frontier today so they won’t be freaked by the party. Kikimama went Houdini on us and is here with me tonight) We are going to the theatre to see Inspecting Isabel. My friend Kris is in it. Yay!!! Living life in the metro area to its fullest!!

This week almost ate me. I’m ready for a break.

Huzzuah and halakaleem and I love George Clooney. I’ve lived thru yet another woman. Pat on the back for Zelda.

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  1. Kizz says:

    Sister I am so sorry. Sorry this is all weighing on you, sorry I won’t be at the party but so not sorry that you have people there who have your back, and your AC and your bathroom and your lawn! It’s your house now, you can pee in the driveway if you like.


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