In Memorial…Sydney and My Fridge

My refrigerator went out yesterday. Completely gone. This would, on any normal weekend, be enough to send me into spasims. However, after the a/c breaking…twice…and the cats being gone all night, and the garage door opener thingy falling almost on my head, and working and sweating our balls off all weekend long…it’s just par for the course. I’m feeling very Tom Hanks today. Feeling very. . . this:

Dad arrives today to do a list of tasks for the house. Hopefully he will have a miraculous idea for the fridge. I have a big ass party on Saturday and may possibly need something bigger than the little one in the office. Breathing in….breathing out.

On another note…I’m deeply saddened for the passing of Sydney Pollack.

What a talent. Without him we would have never had these:

ok. well my computer just jacked up…my internet is funky. I’ll try to repost this tonight. have a great day everyone! Huzzuah and Happy Tuesday and I love George Clooney…ya think he has a fridge I could have?

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  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    When you get the new refrigerator make sure you keep the box. You never know when you might have to move in down by the railroad tracks.

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