Crazy Day # 3, But Who’s Counting?

So, Marco the Great came over yet again. Rigged the machine to never shut off. The only way I can stop it is at the breaker box. Fine. By. Me. Yesterday was cool as a cuke all day and night. After he left, Mom and Bonusdad went out to decorate the graves and MGirl and I went to Paseo for a little bit.

I bought a few pieces of art, one for the yard, one for the kitchen and one for my beer bottles. Heh. Will try to post pics soon. We then hit the bar for some shade, and a/c and adult beverage before they got back. Bonusdad installed blinds in the living room, dining room and my bedroom. It’s soooooooooooooo nice. Really makes the room look good. Mom and I are drape hunting today. We found my comforter set as well. My bedroom looks gorgeous. Very girlie, which is a surprise to even me. Lots of purples and silvers and pewter blues. I found the whole set for 118 bucks. Mom paid close to 500 for hers so I feel like it was a good deal. Anyways, we then went to grocery shop because I decided to host a StepFamily Cookout/Reunion last night. Spur of the moment, yes, but Bonusdad never gets to spend time with his family. When they are here, it’s rush rush rush around. I thought it would be good and we had about 16 adults and 6 children. I cooked hamburgers and hotdogs. People brought deserts and chips and ice and cups and the only thing we really needed more of were lawn chairs. But whatever. We threw down blankets and said have at it. Mgirl was a total trooper running interference and setting up foodstuffs and NOT killing any kids.

Believe me. Between the two of us…we could have had us a trophy case filled with them. Ugh.

So everyone motored outta here after 10pm last night and we all crashed.

In other news, I’ve let the cats out into the world. Yesterday was the first full day of coming and going and they are all good and safe and loving their newfound freedom.

Today consists of putting up the gazebo/awning thingy. Bonusdad returns to Arkansas. Mom and I go find frames for two things, drapes, and I buy some stain for my “grow old with me chair” and we come back home and paint the bathroom and the chair and do some general touching up. Laundry is in order as well. I’m really concerned about my big fridge, but have the smaller one that Rog and Ma gifted me. My big fridge was used when Gert and I bought it for our bookshop many many years ago so it could be out of coolant, or just freakin tired of working. I can’t really think about it yet, and am just kind of ignoring it. I can move stuff to the little fridge if it gets too bad. Dealing with that tomorrow.

Happy Memorial Day ya’ll. Hope yours if full of rest, and play and friends and laughter. This week may eat me with party preps etc. Still haven’t seen Iron Man or Indy. Go see either of them in my place today if you get free time! Huzzuah and Happy Monday!

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One Response to Crazy Day # 3, But Who’s Counting?

  1. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    Ah Marco. He is just super… just super. I want the mold so I can make one just like him! And his wife… Amazing! The ulimate super couple…much love for them!
    Seems our life is much like this lately…
    “No, you go first. No, I mean it. You. I don’t want to go first. You be first.”
    Thank you for blazing the trail into homeownership honey!
    For being first.
    Its a comfort to me to be second.

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