hot hot hot

my a/c is out.
to the point that I think it just waited for me to move in and then collapse.
i have a home protection plan…and just waiting for another hour to call during office hours.
i tried to look it up online last night, but it said it didn’t recognize my plan number.
FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK. please let this have been just a glitch and not something that got dropped and is now defunct.

my mom and bonusdad are here. sweating balls. laid out under the ceiling fan in the living room.

the cats are hot.

i’m hot.

this has to be fixed today…Marco the Great is coming over to do some working and hopefully it’s just a flick of a flicker but if it’s not, he goes back home to Canada on tuesday.


someone say a prayer for me.

cuz cranky pants are the only thing I can find to wear this morning.

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One Response to hot hot hot

  1. Kizz says:

    Those crankypants look pretty on you. But hot. Might want to find some crankyshorts. Hope it’s just a glitch!

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