Glitch This!!

so when last we spoke I was hotttttttttt and cranky and about to leave for work and call my warranty company. Well I did. After waiting on hold for 15 minutes straight I spoke with a kind young gentleman named Clay. We do the whole info trade and update and bla bla bla….oh wait! I don’t have a warranty so he cannot help me!

Do what?


I almost had a stroke right there. I went into the bathroom at work and started crying. Just defeated is what I felt. I stupid, like I missed some vital piece of info at my closing and let something slip thru the crack. I have house guests and they are sweating their balls off and all of this is somehow my freaking fault. Defeat. But, I have a friend at the title company who is going to help me figure it all out and get things straight next week. I have paperwork. I have proof. They have to fix it!

Marco the Great swept in on his stallion and oh hell, it was a glitch in the switch and halakaleem it’s fixed. It’s a very nice cool 72 degrees in my home right now. Delicious. Between he and QueenE, sharing their time with me when theirs is limited (he leaves for his homeland of Canada on Tueseday) I am indebted and eternally grateful.

It’s good to have friends.

That was all before about 11 this morning. The rest of my day was back to back booked until 5 then I came home and we went to eat mexican food. Muy buien. Hit the Walmark for about 300 buck worth of stuff for me casa. Drapes. rod thingys to hold the drapes on the wall. (we got the drapes home and boo. they don’t work. so taking them back tomorrow and finding new.) bought blinds for all the windows. Bonusdad will put them up tomorrow. Bought some lamps and shades. some bathroom towels and mats etc. some Hercules Hooks to hang the Picasso and all the other hanging stuff. If you have not ever used these babys…DO SO!!! amazing. totally worth whatever they cost. Got some other stuff done and hung. It’s looking like a home. I have no place to put my pics though and that’s bothersome. Not art pics, but pic pics. friends. family. everything. they were all on the piano, but Kikimama has made that her lair, trying to escape from the retched boys so that wasn’t working. Plus…too much. So anyways gotta find somewhere for that.

Tomorrow they are going to the graves and lay flowers. I am opting out. MGirl and myself could meet up with Mandrea and whomever and hit Paseo Arts Fest tomorrow while they do that. MUST go visit my fav artists the Garden Deva!
Then it’s buy curtains paint return air vent covers and reapply to walls. hang blinds. curtains. buy some frames for bedroom poster/art. get groceries and cook out tomorrow night with the fam and extended fam. We have a list of stuff to do but by gum we’re doing it!!! Oh we need to paint that damned bathroom too. that’s on the list.

This is boreing for you to read, I just realized i was listing pretty much to clear my own mind. Good grief.

Hey we had a shitload of tornados around here today. We’re fine. No metro. No Frontier. Family is good. No worries here.

happy saturday night. this time last week pretty sure i was falling down. ahhhh liver appreciation….

Shout out to Joe for running code red delivery of fans to my house today. Mom has one on her now as she is sleeping in the guest room and just wants more cool. thanks babe. you are way cool, ya know?

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