Somebody Get Me Some Motivation!!!

For the love of GOD I have got to paint the bathroom. Seriously. What is my problem that I cannot get up off my fat ass and go in there and do some work??? Such a pretty purple, too….ok. after this post.

Busy today. We do salon education once a month and this morning was it. I like the education. I like learning and being refreshed and inspired. We’re talking about maybe doing it more than once a month which I think would be great but we’ll see how it shakes out. Anyway, then on to work at noon, and I was busy all day long. Really very few breaks, right up until 8. Hala….kaleem!!

Tomorrow morning is the funeral of Delb’s mom. I cannot fathom being our age and losing ones mother. Hell, any age. I’m having some crazy emotions this week, I know it’s a full moon, but I’m glad my fam is arriving tomorrow night. Anyway…wish I had someone to go with me for a little support…but that’s the way it is in this life of mine.

Speaking of full moon…is anyone else just focused on one specific thing in their heads? My choir of voices is chanting one specific theme this week…over and over and over and over. like a dog with a bone. Dreams even. It’s everywhere. Are you doing this? Focused? Frantically focused? Ka. Ray. Zee.

that would be me.

that cute boy just got American Idol. I never watch. But I do like him! he’s cute and sexy and damn the voice. What is it when you put a man onstage and behind a mic??? fuck around, I’m as good as gone. Lay me down and someone trip him as he walks by me.
I’ve never watched. But happened to do so tonight, just in time to see Ben Stiller, Jack Black and my bf Robert Downey Jr stand in as the Pips to Glady Knight. Good stuff. Then George Michael!!!! In the flesh!! I still heart him. I don’t care what any of you say. He sang the the theme music to most of my favorite memories. He looks good too despite those unfortunate bathroom arrests.

Ok man, I’m outta here. I’m getting up and changing clothes and going to paint the freakin bathroom. I’m going to get the house ready for mom and Bonusdad’s arrival and get my dress ready for the funeral in the morning. that’s what I’m gonna do. Right now.

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  1. Kizz says:

    Oh man, I wish I could go with you. I’m all about funerals, man. I’d even bring us real cloth handkerchiefs to use.

    If you still love George Michael then you have to catch up with the new show, Eli Stone. It’s an ABC venture and I think you can watch it online. Worth it.

    What’s your one thing? I don’t think I’ve got one thing going on, sort of the opposite EVERYTHING is making it so I can do NOTHING and I’m getting some of my crazy irrational stress fears and stuff. It sucks.

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