Laughing is good…

Went to the first ever “MONDAYS DONT SUCK AT THE SPEAKEASY” comedy night tonight. it started late, we were tired, the other guys were good, some points in their set were great, some were mediocre. I think the crowd, which was larger than expected, got pretty chatty and loud during that time so that sucked. Anyways, my point was this. Spence brought down the house. He rocked it. He was the money spot, last comic in the lineup. He did some new stuff which I liked, all of my specific favorite old stuff. M’lynn and Mgirl had to skeedaddle because it ran so late and tired from the weekend but I stayed and after it was over so many guys came up to tell him how great he was and how much they loved his set.


he really is pretty fucking delicious.

To bed or me. Retired from the rock and roll weekend. Getting on with the week. My friend Delbert’s mom passed away this morning after a battle with cancer, so that funeral is Thursday. Mom and Bonusdad show up that night to stay thru the weekend. Mom is hanging out thru next tuesday or wednesday helping me put the finishing touches on the house. It’s memorial day weekend which means Paseo Arts Festival. then the next week is my housewarming party! LIFE IS BUSY!!!!!

My neice is graduating from high school on Friday night in the hometown, so I’ll be back there that night. Going to stop by and see Gert’s casa too…

That’s about it for me kids. Huzzuah and Happy Monday….Tuesday.

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2 Responses to Laughing is good…

  1. Kizz says:

    Spence is bravely awesomely crazy!

  2. Zelda says:

    Honey…you have no idea.

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