aaaaaaaaand flop!

I think I overdid it this weekend! So many festivities. Saturday night was cra-zeeee. Dancing was fun. Cosmos were fun. Falling down…not so much fun. Yep. It happened. I fell down. The freakin shoes, man!! Hateful shoes. Could have a little something to do with the quantity of vodka that I had injested though. Could have a little something to do with that…flop.

yesterday at purple pool was relaxing. Felt good to be back in it, be back together!! FINALLY!! Got a little color to my face and that feels good. Went up to Sunday Funday and good LORD, my liver may fail me this week. Seriously.

So, today has consisted of moving from the bed to the couch to the big chair. That’s it. Nada. Nothing else. I’m finally waking up and feeling better. Going to attempt some house chores and laundry before tonight’s comedy show. Heading up there around 8:30 so that will be fun.

I have nothing else, really.

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  1. Kizz says:

    How fucking glorious is it to have a day to just relax in your very own home, though?

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